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b. 1991, London, UK

Amba Sayal-Bennett’s work tests common conventions of visual communication in order to probe the relationship between experience and language. By problematizing the relationship between reception and interpretation, i.e. how meaning is obtained from visual experience, and how this experience is transformed and codified, her work seeks to highlight the arbitrary nature of signifying processes by means of their disruption. By taking familiar elements from everyday life, or from within her own body of work, and treating them as lexical units to be reformulated within her own ‘aesthetic’ syntax, Sayal-Bennett aims to create drawn spaces that fit within dominant symbolic and linguistic structures yet which temporarily suspend their organizing processes.


Amba Sayal-Bennett was born in London in 1991 where she currently lives and works. She received her BFA from Oxford University and her MA in The History of Art from The Courtauld Institute. She has recently completed her PhD in Art Practice and Learning at Goldsmiths. Her work has recently been included in UK/Raine at the Saatchi Gallery.  

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