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Gremi Fusters 45 – Gallery 1


Gremi Fusters 45 – Gallery 2

Mallorca Landings

Mallorca Landings


We currently represent 14 artists, emerging but also established, mostly belonging to a younger generation. The program’s focus is on interdisciplinary, concept-oriented and space based approaches in a variety of media: including sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, video, sound and performance. 


In addition a residential function is offered for our artists, called Mallorca Landings.

We also offer a highly discreet personalized art advisory service, with offices in Palma and Felanitx. 

2011, Mallorca Landings / Gallery was founded by Pärnilla and Stefan Lundgren

September 2013, Mallorca Landings changed name to 

LUNDGREN GALLERY, and Mallorca Landings was kept as the space to host residencies and other projects. 

March 2016, LUNDGREN GALLERY inaugurates a new gallery space in Palma on C. Bisbe Moncadas 2 while keeping the gallery on C. Tomas Forteza 55 as their second gallery. Now Closed.

November 2020, LUNDGREN GALLERY inaugurates a new gallery space in Palma on Gremi Fusters 45. GALLERY 1.

May 2021, LUNDGREN GALLERY inaugurates a second gallery space in Palma on Gremi Fusters 45. GALLERY 2 – Which also will operate as The New Media Center. 


October 2021, Launch of Online Viewing Rooms in both Galleries

January 2023, Launch of Show Room, Felanitx  

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