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MEXCIO CITY - IGOR MORITZ Solo Presentation 
9 - 13 February 2022

We are proud to announce our first solo show at an Art Fair with our London based artist Igor Moritz (b. 1996 Lubin, Poland). 6 new works on canvas will be presented in the Main Sector at Zona Maco Mexico and you’ll find us in stand C119. 

Igor's drawings and paintings, that all in his style flirt with mimesis while breaking all rules of perspective, proportion and realism. Those in his most intimate circles are the ones he portrays. With oil paint or colored pencil Igor creates vivid, almost Fauvist backdrops and characters who stare with forlorn at the viewer. An electric color palette saturates his visceral depictions of loneliness and interpersonal turmoil. He morphs and composes the perspective, space and figures in a way, that make one immediately think of Schiele or Matisse, but Moritz captures with a fresh mixture of expressive lines a fleeting moment of human existence and highly emotionally charged works. 

Opening reception is Wednesday February 9, 2022, 17.00 - 21.00H

For further information or requests about Igor Moritz solo presentation at Zona Maco Mexico 2022 (which also is Latin Americas biggest Art Fair since 2002):

Igor 1.jpg

Grass Whistle, 2021

Oil on Linen

250 × 200 cm

igor 3.jpg

Cornthwaite Road, 2021-2022

Oil on Linen

220 × 200 cm

igor 2.jpg

Chimneys, 2021

Oil on Linen

220 × 200 cm

igor 5 .jpg

Round Bench by Wick, 2021

Oil on Linen

140 × 200 cm

igor 6.jpg
igor 4.jpg

Eliora on blue, 2021

Oil on Linen

90 × 70 cm

Autumn Leaves, 2021

Oil on Linen

150 × 200 cm

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