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22 MARCH - 12 MAY 2013


Los Angeles based artist, Jennifer West employs various unique processes to produce alchemical transformations in her film based practice. The artist subjects 16, 35 and 70 mm film negative and leader to an eclectic range of idiosyncratic substances including nailpolish, liquid eyeliner, “Teen Spirit” deodorant, wine, spices, Jell-O shots, body glitter, paintballs, Jack Daniels, hot springs water as well as such physical interventions as skateboarding, smearing, crushing, drawing and throwing. West is influenced by classical structuralist film, urban mythology, folklore and popular culture, combining everyday actions and materials to create hypnotic, fast paced films. Performance is as essential to West’s practice as the material composition – united to not only construct the work itself, but also provide a conceptual context. The titles are similarly important. They denote the specific components, activities and participants involved in making the respective film, decipher the enigmatic imagery for the viewer and become evidence of the event/action. Her silent films have a strong snesthetic effect, in that she causes the viewers to taste or smell the “ingredients” that led to her particular visual expression.

This exhibitions shows 3 films, 3 film strip photo’s and one unique film strip on clear film. On the terrace(evenings only) we project West’s “One Mile Film” on the Richard Branson house ;-D

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