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Lundgren Gallery is happy to congratulate Matthew Brandt on receiving the 2024 Gugghenheim Fellowship Award in the discipline of Photography.

Chosen through a rigorous application and peer review process from a pool of almost 3,000 applicants, the Class of 2024 Guggenheim Fellows was tapped on the basis of prior career achievement and exceptional promise.

Matthew Brandt creates his artworks using physical elements derived from the very scenes he photographs. Much of Brandt's oeuvre is composed of the objects it portrays. Prints may be soaked in water from the lakes they depict, or the pigments affixed to the print may originate from charcoal made from trees within the image. At times, the artist's process extends to rendering night skies in cocaine on black velvet or baking tar-based images in the sun. This engagement with the natural world and derived materials also introduces an element of chance to Brandt's work, as the media resist control and give rise to new, unexpected features.

Matthew's first solo exhibition in Japan, little puddles, is currently on view at Gallery Common in Tokyo through May 5, 2024.


Vatnajökull CMY1

Heated chromogenic print, with acrylic varnish and Aqua-Resin support

308,4 x 182,9 cm



Wai'anae 92506

Chromogenic print buried in Wai'anae, Hawai'i

238,8 x 132,7 cm


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