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20 October - 28 December 2017


We do not want to establish a theory of color (neither a physiological one or a psychological one), but rather a logic of color concepts. And this accomplishes what people have unjustly expected of a theory” - L. Wittgenstein

Lundgren Gallery is pleased to present As If Blue a solo exhibition by New York based artist Adam Henry. This will be Henry’s first exhibition in Spain.   


Color is one of our most basic ways to show visual difference. In almost all disciplines color is used to differentiate and show change. A color spectrum is used to find planets, determine health, delineate territory, and organize thoughts. Color has also played a crucial role in a philosophical understanding of language and subjectivity. 


For the last 10 years Henry has employed color as both structure and form. Henry’s work considers that color is a language in and of itself; a universal with no common ground. He uses color in his work as a model to describe how one may manipulate a structure and expose its logistical roots. His paintings play with the idea of clarity. Shapes and atmosphere create visual conundrums that feel as if they go in and out of focus. It is in this liminal space that the viewer is asked to open their thinking and consider that in painting the logical and illogical are often one and the same. Henry has expressed that logic is contextual and in our current time it is often at odds with reality.


 Adam Henry lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.  Recent group exhibitions include SALTS (Birsfelden, Switzerland), Steve Turner (Los Angeles), Lucien Terras (New York), and Villa Merkel (Germany). Recent solo exhibitions were held at Paris London Hong Kong Gallery (Chicago), 247365 (New York), and Meessen DeClercq (Brussels). This summer his work was featured in The Surface of The East Coast, a survey of New York artists engaged with historical Support/Surface artists, at LE109 (Nice, France).  A book published for the exhibition includes an interview with Henry. Meessen DeClercq recently published a monograph on his work from 2011- 2016.

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